Quintessential Konkani

This page is all about Quintessential Konkani treats which my family and I love to eat, enjoy and relish. Be it the vegetables or the age old traditional contraptions used in my house. I treasure each of them and value the significance they add to my kitchen.

Konkani Seasonal Vegetables
Udupi Mattu Gulla ~ Gulla
Green Banana Plantain ~ Gabbe or Gabbo
Taro Root ~ Kaale Alvaa Maddi
Taro Leaves ~ Alvaa Paan
Breadfruit ~ Jeev Kadgee
Pumpkin Buds ~ Dudya Kale
Chinese Potato ~ Kooka/ Koorka
Drumstick ~ Mashingaa Saang/ Maskaa Saang
Bilimbi ~ Bimblaa

Konkani Spices and Condiments
Sichuan Pepper ~ Teppal

Konkani Contraptions - Traditional and Modern
Traditional Grinding Stone ~ Daantey
Pestle and Mortar ~ Khalbatta
Traditonal Eco-friendly Lids made from Natural Creepers ~ Shiblo
Traditional Vegetable Chopper and Grater ~ Addoli
Traditional Measuring Cup ~ Tandlaa Maane
Traditional String Hoppers Contraption ~ Shevya Daante